About Swapfig.

How many times have you wanted a particular figure, but didn't want to buy the whole set, or spend hours feeling through packets and risk getting the wrong one? Wouldn't it be easier and less hassle if you could trade with someone who had what you were looking for?

Remember when you swapped Pogs, baseball cards, stickers and other collectibles when you were younger? Do you remember the excitement you had when you'd obtained a shiny or rare item? Or perhaps that feeling of accomplishment when you'd completed an entire collection—or the agony of missing that one last item?

Swapfig was created to reintroduce the concept of trading, as an alternative to buying and selling. Swapfig puts you in contact with other LEGO® fans for trading—or swapping—your unwanted LEGO Collectible Minifigures, polybag sets, keychains and more for the ones you really want.

The Beginning.

Swapfig started out as an experiment in managing a personal collection of LEGO Collectible Minifigures, and the challenges involved in keeping an inventory up to date and accurate.
Realising that trading with others wasn't as easy as it seems—both in finding people to trade with and managing trades—it eventually it became a project to fill a gap in the market.

Launch, Relaunch and Redesign.

Then known as Project Swapfig (complete with "horrible" logo!), the site was officially launched on 1 May 2013. It started with being just about LEGO's Collectible Minifigures, but eventually supported polybag sets, keychains and other minifigure themes. The first to be added were minifigures from Star Wars.

Swapfig was infamous for its two crowdfunding campaigns. The first was for the initial launch, which was unsuccessful but helped to spread the word. The second was for funding the redesign of the site, inteded to attract a wider audience.

Swapfig was renamed as it came out of beta on 1 July 2015, along with an improved interface.

Who did this?

Swapfig is designed, built and run by Drew, known as SilentMode in the online LEGO community. Drew is a web developer by trade and an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL).

Among other things, he has a complete collection of LEGO Collectible Minfigures (including Mr. Gold!), and collects LEGO minidolls. He is also known for his "armies" of Series 1 Cheerleaders, Series 3 Gorilla Suit Guys and Series 10 Bumblebee Girls.

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