Swapfig is currently not accepting donations.

Swapfig is celebrating its sixth birthday, and we've dedicated this year's milestone to the "special" people.

The "special" people are those who've found the adverts "annoying".

Those who've never donated, spread the word or otherwise help the site grow.

Those who've never had a good word to say about Swapfig.

Most notably, those who've those who've suggested - in no uncertain terms - that Swapfig shouldn't make a penny.

In honour of these "special" people, we've temporarily closed this donate page. We've also temporarily replaced our ad banners with something else.

We did this in hope that even the "special" people will be happy for once...

But where there are "special" people, there are extraordinary people.

We thank everybody who has been extraordinary by supporting Swapfig over the last six years, which is always appreciated.

While we're having this month-long celebration, you can still support the site by posting on social media.

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