Swapfig Site UpdatesA list of changes, additions, fixes and removals on Swapfig: the home of minifigure trading action.http://swapfig.com/feed/rss/site-changes222: UpdatedUpdated the Contact page.2019-05-20 13:03:49223: UpdatedUpdated the blocked advert functionality.2019-05-20 13:03:49224: FixedCorrected the ablity to opt out of emails from Swapfig.2019-05-20 13:03:49225: FixedCorrected validation messages not appearing.2019-05-20 13:03:49226: FixedCorrected the ability to create and update items.2019-05-20 13:03:49227: UpdatedUpdated the ability to save news posts.2019-05-20 13:03:49219: UpdatedA different method of fetching affiliate lot information from Brick Owl - hopefully it will work.2019-04-14 15:12:54220: FixedThe display of affiliate advertising, according to start and end dates.2019-04-14 15:12:54221: RemovedAll references to polls.2019-04-14 15:12:54191: FixedEnsuring that content can be added to the forum.2019-02-02 21:14:54192: FixedFixing references to scripts required by the forum.2019-02-02 21:14:54193: UpdatedAttempting to update the jobs that fetch affiliate lots from Brick Owl.2019-02-02 21:14:54194: FixedUpdated trade feedback to allow larger amounts of text.2019-02-02 21:14:54195: FixedAdded a fix for saving trade meta data.2019-02-02 21:14:54196: FixedGuarding against a user having no trading preferences, stats etc.2019-02-02 21:14:54197: FixedMade corrections to the site changes page, in terms of styling.2019-02-02 21:14:54198: UpdatedUpdated the [blocked] advert component.2019-02-02 21:14:54199: UpdatedIncreased the size of the site logo.2019-02-02 21:14:54200: UpdatedDecided to remove the "controversial" Stephanie and EvilMode spokesperson graphic.2019-02-02 21:14:54201: UpdatedThe method used to generate flag sprites.2019-02-02 21:14:54202: UpdatedThe method used to generate JS and stylesheets.2019-02-02 21:14:54203: UpdatedThe ability to search for users using an email address, in the users admin page.2019-02-02 21:14:54204: UpdatedDisplay the reason a user can't be traded with in old Potential Trades results.2019-02-02 21:14:54205: UpdatedUpdating the profile page.2019-02-02 21:14:54206: FixedNow able to cancel a running Secret Santa Swap.2019-02-02 21:14:54207: FixedCorrected the subject of the completed S3 email.2019-02-02 21:14:54208: FixedAdded a missing S3 API endpoint.2019-02-02 21:14:54209: FixedCompletely hide the S3 recipient's address if the swap is not running.2019-02-02 21:14:54210: UpdatedAddressing suggestions made by users that no longer exist.2019-02-02 21:14:54211: FixedCorrected the email opt-out controller.2019-02-02 21:14:54212: FixedForgot to add the ability to end a running Secret Santa Swap.2019-02-02 21:14:54213: FixedReinstated the ability to cancel "stale" trades.2019-02-02 21:14:54214: FixedMail should be sent to Secret Santa Swap participants regardless.2019-02-02 21:14:54215: FixedGuarding against the unavailability of user stats.2019-02-02 21:14:54216: FixedCorrection made to the Friends of Swapfig page.2019-02-02 21:14:54217: UpdatedUpdated the layout of the PayPal buttons on the Donate page.2019-02-02 21:14:54218: UpdatedUpdated the format of item slugs.2019-02-02 21:14:54188: FixedPrivacy checkboxes on the Edit Profile page were not displaying as checked for relevant settings, although they were saved correctly.2018-11-12 04:59:34189: UpdatedChanged the format of item slugs.2018-11-12 04:59:34190: FixedUsing the correct API settings for PayPal.2018-11-12 04:59:34185: FixedCorrected the display of countries on the Users page.2018-10-23 08:11:03186: FixedCorrected the ability to block other users.2018-10-23 08:11:03187: AddedAdded an affiliate banner to the home page. Please support **Swapfig** (if you're interested) by visiting the LEGO shop through the linked banner!2018-10-23 08:11:03180: FixedCorrected the management of item image uploads.2018-10-22 15:11:16181: FixedCorrected the ability to send emails in certain places.2018-10-22 15:11:16182: UpdatedChecked the ability to update inventory items, including creating a test suite.2018-10-22 15:11:16183: FixedCorrected the ability to change which continents a user will post trades to.2018-10-22 15:11:16184: FixedUsers' last active dates were not being updated resulting in zero active users.2018-10-22 15:11:16174: Fixed(Hopefully) corrected original [Potential Trades](http://swapfig.com/potential-trades) searches with at least one item specified.2018-10-06 19:00:42175: FixedAutolinking URLs in a user's profile free text.2018-10-06 19:00:42176: FixedThe [contact form](http://swapfig.com/contact) could not be submitted again if there was a validation error.2018-10-06 19:00:42177: FixedCorrected the ability to search for usernames on the [Users](http://swapfig.com/users) page.2018-10-06 19:00:42178: FixedCorrected the ability to fetch badge information for a user on their profile page.2018-10-06 19:00:42179: FixedUpdated **Swapfig's** handling of cron tasks.2018-10-06 19:00:42156: Updated**Swapfig became version 3.0**, with a significant update to the underlying code.2018-09-30 02:33:05157: UpdatedLogging in via the page header should take you back to the same page.2018-09-30 02:33:05158: AddedA private page experimenting with the popularity of Collectible Minifigures (beta).2018-09-30 02:33:05159: AddedServer errors are reported through Sentry, proving a wealth of information.2018-09-30 02:33:05160: FixedIncorrect references to classes in the code, as a result of the upgrade.2018-09-30 02:33:05161: UpdatedItem group names were extended from 30 to 80 characters.2018-09-30 02:33:05162: RemovedInstagram feed from the home page, as a result of changes to their API.2018-09-30 02:33:05163: UpdatedBrick Owl affiliates and their items are now updated hourly, as opposed to on-demand.2018-09-30 02:33:05164: UpdatedRebuilt our **Secret Santa Swap** from scratch, inspired by redditgifts. Now it is possible to run *more than one* Secret Santa Swap at a time (if we so choose), and most of the functionality is handled automatically.2018-09-30 02:33:05165: FixedWas unable to calculate a trading level for users who weren't yet activated, resulting in various problems.2018-09-30 02:33:05166: FixedCould not obtain a reference to a custom site logo to display.2018-09-30 02:33:05167: FixedThe ability to save trade meta data (i.e. tracking numbers).2018-09-30 02:33:05168: FixedUpdating trade meta data without proof of postage would result in a placeholder image being displayed.2018-09-30 02:33:05169: FixedThe ability to retrieve users' votes on suggestions.2018-09-30 02:33:05170: FixedAttempting to log the outcome of donations made to **Swapfig** resulted in the process failing.2018-09-30 02:33:05171: UpdatedWants items will be saved with normal priority by default.2018-09-30 02:33:05172: FixedSaving wants items with an invalid priority (caused by the site) would cause problems when attempting to save wants items again.2018-09-30 02:33:05173: Updated(Hopefully) a much more efficient way of handling cron tasks.2018-09-30 02:33:05153: UpdatedDeleting an item should remove corresponding inventory items.2018-07-15 12:42:19154: UpdatedUpdated the commenting component to support responses.2018-07-15 12:42:19155: UpdatedAnnouncement e-mails should be sent to active users only.2018-07-15 12:42:19144: UpdatedNow using Angular 1.7.2018-07-06 19:43:17145: UpdatedConverted some of the Angular directives used on the site to components.2018-07-06 19:43:17146: FixedThe duplicate BOID filter on the items admin page should not display items with no BOID.2018-07-06 19:43:17147: FixedCorrected the donor indicator on the users admin page.2018-07-06 19:43:17148: UpdatedThe admin navigation now includes a link to the announcements admin page.2018-07-06 19:43:17149: UpdatedAnnouncement e-mails will be sent to users who havent explicitly opted out of them.2018-07-06 19:43:17150: UpdatedImprovement to the batch site change addition feature.2018-07-06 19:43:17151: FixedRemoved the additional margin and padding from the admin section's BODY tag.2018-07-06 19:43:17152: FixedCorrected the display of validation errors on the edit profile page.2018-07-06 19:43:17139: FixedDownloading CSV data from the items admin page.2018-07-05 07:25:40140: Updated"Disappearing" cloud-hosted images should be a thing of the past.2018-07-05 07:25:40141: AddedThe registration form now has a confirmation field for the e-mail address, in response to people registering with an incorrect e-mail address (and then wondering why they haven't received anything).2018-07-05 07:25:40142: UpdatedUpdated our rich text editor, used in the admin section.2018-07-05 07:25:40143: FixedBold text in poll "listings" should be corrected once and for all.2018-07-05 07:25:40128: AddedThe ability to send site announcements from the back end.2018-07-02 14:41:22129: UpdatedThe rich text editor functionality (as used in the admin section).2018-07-02 14:41:22130: UpdatedMade CSV importing of item data available to contributors.2018-07-02 14:41:22131: FixedMade sure that "fatal" alert messages worked properly.2018-07-02 14:41:22132: FixedThe ability to comment on [polls](http://swapfig.com/polls) (we hope).2018-07-02 14:41:22133: UpdatedUsers' opted in status are displayed when sending messages via the contact page in the admin section.2018-07-02 14:41:22134: FixedCorrected the colour of links used in site announcements.2018-07-02 14:41:22135: FixedCorrected the colour of bold text in [poll questions](http://swapfig.com/polls).2018-07-02 14:41:22136: AddedAbility to filter [Potential Trades](http://swapfig.com/potential-trades) results (beta version) based on inventory.2018-07-02 14:41:22137: AddedAbility to filter [Potential Trades](http://swapfig.com/potential-trades) results (beta version) by recent inventory updates.2018-07-02 14:41:22138: AddedA random open [site suggestion](http://swapfig.com/suggestions) is displayed in the home page carousel.2018-07-02 14:41:22125: Added[Polls](http://swapfig.com/polls) can now be commented on.2018-06-29 13:05:43126: AddedA small list of recent forum posts on the home page when logged in.2018-06-29 13:05:43127: UpdatedThe navigation structure of the admin section.2018-06-29 13:05:43124: AddedAnalytical tracking for poll votes.2018-06-27 20:26:03123: AddedAnalytical tracking for the [forum](http://swapfig.com/forum).2018-06-27 20:25:57122: AddedActivity logs to forum actions.2018-06-27 20:25:48121: UpdatedPolls displayed on the home page are those with a maximum of four options, due to limited space in the carousel.2018-06-27 20:25:36120: FixedImages should be added when importing items from Brick Owl.2018-06-27 20:25:17119: FixedThe display of existing items on the item import admin page.2018-06-27 20:25:05118: AddedURLs in [forum posts](http://swapfig.com/forum) should be autolinked.2018-06-27 09:41:02117: UpdatedDon't reset the type of [site change](http://swapfig.com/site-changes) when quick adding a site change.2018-06-27 09:40:41116: UpdatedThe use of label colours of user statuses on the users admin page.2018-06-27 09:40:17115: AddedA random live poll to the [forum](http://swapfig.com/forum) home page.2018-06-27 09:40:03114: AddedA unit test for checking user statuses.2018-06-27 09:39:46113: FixedThe ability to assign manual badges to users on the users admin page.2018-06-27 09:39:36112: FixedCorrected the namespace used for the [forum](http://swapfig.com/forum) classes.2018-06-27 09:39:23111: AddedBold and italicised text should be the same colour as regular text in the home page carousel.2018-06-25 22:33:38110: AddedThe ability to view poll results from the polls admin page.2018-06-25 22:33:26109: UpdatedThe badge icon in the new badge notification will spin.2018-06-25 22:33:16108: AddedA navigation link to the polls admin page.2018-06-25 22:32:59107: AddedIntroducing [**Swapfig's** own forum](http://swapfig.com/forum) on a trial basis.2018-06-25 22:32:40106: AddedAn [RSS feed](http://swapfig.com/rss/site-changes) for site updates.2018-06-25 22:31:57105: FixedThere was no link to the [News RSS feed](http://swapfig.comrss/news).2018-06-25 22:31:13104: AddedFilter for items without images on the items admin page.2018-06-21 23:05:16103: AddedFilter for items with duplicate names and descriptions on the items admin page.2018-06-21 23:05:04102: FixedThe display of items to update on the item import admin page.2018-06-21 23:04:49101: UpdatedThe dropdown control for selecting an item group on the [Checklist page](http://swapfig.com/checklist) is disabled while item groups are being loaded.2018-06-21 23:04:30100: Addedan Image layout for generating [checklists](http://swapfig.com/checklist).2018-06-21 23:03:4699: Addeda Bulma badge to the [About page](http://swapfig.com/about).2018-06-21 23:03:2098: RemovedThe link to the defunct What's Hot page on our error pages.2018-06-21 23:02:5297: UpdatedWe're maintaining our own list of colours, and are no longer importing the data from Brick Owl.2018-06-21 23:02:2796: AddedAlternative spokesperson text for our **Birthday Challenge**.2018-06-21 23:01:5495: AddedPreliminary implementation of polls: a "fun" way of gauging interest and opinions on various topics.2018-06-21 23:01:3694: FixedRemoved the dependency on offer warnings when fetching offer and trade data.2018-06-14 19:59:0793: FixedRemoved a reference to the old trading levels page from the XML sitemap.2018-06-14 19:58:1692: FixedCorrected the tree functionality on the items admin page.2018-06-14 19:57:5791: FixedCorrected the ability to upload carousel item images on the admin page.2018-06-14 19:57:4390: FixedCorrected the display of the accuracy score on the [Feedback](http://swapfig.com/feedback) page.2018-06-14 19:57:2089: FixedThe functionality of the [Edit Profile](http://swapfig.com/edit-profile) page.2018-06-14 19:56:5288: UpdatedCreated a separate API controller for updating a user's profile.2018-06-14 19:56:2887: FixedCorrected a typo on the [Donate](http://swapfig.com/donate) page.2018-06-14 19:55:5486: FixedThe ability to cancel a "stale" trade.2018-06-14 19:55:3385: AddedAn additional notification button (red with an envelope) to encourage users to manually set their [e-mail notification preferences](http://swapfig.com/edit-profile#privacy).2018-06-06 17:50:3884: FixedCorrected the assignment of user roles.2018-06-06 17:49:5383: FixedThe ability to publish news posts (hampered by not being to post a tweet).2018-06-04 18:18:5182: Fixed[beta] [Potential Trades](http://swapfig.com) filter wasn't changing the results.2018-06-04 18:18:0181: UpdatedUnit tests for issues.2018-06-04 18:17:0580: UpdatedDonors are shown at the top of [beta] [Potential Trades](http://swapfig.com/potential-trades) results.2018-06-04 18:16:4479: UpdatedSite images are now stored in cloud hosting.2018-06-04 18:15:5678: Added*Finally* added graphics for each of the [Friends of Swapfig](http://swapfig.com/friends-of-swapfig).2018-06-04 18:15:2277: AddedReference for each score given when leaving feedback for a trade.2018-06-04 18:14:3476: AddedBeginning of client-side localisation.2018-06-04 18:13:5175: AddedDates shown for each trade in the [Trade Manager](http://swapfig.com/trade-manager).2018-06-04 18:13:3174: UpdatedImprovements to the Items admin page.2018-05-27 19:02:4273: AddedNew **Curator** role.2018-05-27 19:00:4172: FixedButtons for marking a trade as sent, received and complete on the [Trade Manager page](http://swapfig.com/trade-manager#trade) were affecting the wrong trades.2018-05-27 19:00:2271: FixedAbility to report a new issue from the [Issues page](http://swapfig.com/issues).2018-05-26 09:47:1270: UpdatedOne or two cosmetic changes.2018-05-25 10:15:0569: UpdatedUpdated the site icons to use Font Awesome 5 (Pro!).2018-05-25 10:14:5368: AddedA Privacy tab on the [Edit Profile page](http://swapfig.com/edit-profile#privacy), for setting e-mail notification preferences.2018-05-25 10:14:2567: AddedThe ability to opt an e-mail address out of receiving e-mails from **Swapfig**.2018-05-25 10:13:4266: UpdatedAdded a note about duplicate user accounts in the [House Rules](http://swapfig.com/house-rules).2018-05-25 10:13:2665: AddedNew **Five Alive** and** Second's Out** badges, in recognition of **Swapfig's fifth birthday** and the 2.0 site update respectively.2018-05-25 10:12:4564: AddedAdditional ways of making a donation to **Swapfig**, as mentioned on the [Donate page](http://swapfig.com/donate).2018-05-25 10:12:0363: UpdatedTrades are considered stale if no action has taken place for a while, regardless of sent status.2018-05-25 10:11:3162: AddedA pending (hidden) items view on the items admin page.2018-05-25 10:11:1561: UpdatedRegistration now requires users to read and accept the [House Rules](http://swapfig.com/house-rules).2018-05-25 10:10:3660: UpdatedMailing addresses are removed when a user account is removed.2018-05-25 10:10:1259: FixedCorrected a missing Slack notification call for when issues are closed.2018-05-25 10:09:5658: AddedThe periodic removal of old log files.2018-05-25 10:09:3457: UpdatedAdded a new component for displaying warnings related to specific users. (For example, on the [Potential Trades page](http://swapfig.com/potential-trades).)2018-05-25 10:09:1456: UpdatedThe [Checklist page](http://swapfig.com/checklist) now uses the site's layout.2018-05-25 10:08:0555: FixedCorrected the ability to report trade issues.2018-05-25 10:07:3354: AddedRegistration and the contact form makes use of ReCAPTCHA.2018-05-25 10:07:1953: FixedCorrected the Make an offer buttons from [Who Has](http://swapfig.com/who-has)/[Wants](http://swapfig.com/who-wants)/[Owns](http://swapfig.com/who-owns). (Thank you to Cricket1968 and afiguresearch.)2018-04-12 21:55:3652: FixedForgot to add the number of trades the user is involved in when making a counteroffer.2018-04-12 21:53:3451: FixedMissing functionality for the big red "X" button for wants list items on the [Inventory](http://swapfig.com/inventory) page.2018-04-11 10:53:5850: FixedUploading proof of postage for a trade.2018-04-11 10:53:2149: AddedThe number of trades a user is currently involved in is shown in [Potential Trades](http://swapfig.com/potential-trades) and [Who Has](http://swapfig.com/who-has)/[Wants](http://swapfig.com/who-wants)/[Owns](http://swapfig.com/who-owns) results, as well as when making an offer.2018-04-11 10:52:1648: UpdatedUsernames link to their profiles when viewing issue information from the admin page.2018-04-11 10:50:4547: AddedSlack notifications are sent when issues are commented on.2018-04-11 10:50:1146: AddedSlack notifications are sent when issues are created, elevated or closed.2018-04-11 10:50:0245: FixedSite change information should be correctly displayed with HTML content.2018-04-11 10:49:2744: UpdatedSite changes can be added directly from the admin page.2018-04-11 10:49:0243: UpdatedUsers are now considered inactive if they were last active more than 30 days ago.2018-04-11 10:48:4042: AddedUsers now have a **last active** date, which is used to determine whether they are inactive or not (instead of using their last login date). You will initially see a large drop in the number of active users, but this should (hopefully!) increase over time.2018-04-11 10:48:0041: RemovedLast year's April Fool's Day prank.2018-04-04 16:00:4140: FixedBroken reference to the missing images API endpoint.2018-04-04 16:00:1939: FixedAdmin messages should display line breaks.2018-04-04 15:59:5838: AddedClarification that User issues are *only* for reporting problems with users' profiles.2018-04-04 15:59:4337: UpdatedRemoved references to the old implementation of issues.2018-04-04 15:59:1936: AddedAutomatically cancel a banned user's trades in progress, emailing affected users.2018-04-04 15:58:5935: FixedThe position of the header on the [Edit Profile](http://swapfig.com/edit-profile) page.2018-04-04 15:58:1834: AddedThe ability to view and dispute [feedback](http://swapfig.com/feedback).2018-04-04 15:57:5333: AddedThe ability to add a tracking ID, proof of postage and a private note to trades on the [Trade Manager](http://swapfig.com/trade-manager) page.2018-04-04 15:57:2832: UpdatedHidden some of our spokespeople.2018-03-12 22:28:2131: Added[Donate page](http://swapfig.com/donate) references **Swapfig's** Amazon wishlist.2018-03-12 22:28:0130: UpdatedAutocomplete functionality for usernames, items and FAQs.2018-03-12 22:27:2729: AddedDisplay a warning if the logged in user's inventory hasn't been updated for a while.2018-03-12 22:27:0728: AddedManage favourite and blocked users on the [edit profile](http://swapfig.com/edit-profile) page.2018-03-12 22:26:4327: AddedFilter items by visible state on the admin page.2018-03-12 22:26:1226: UpdatedConfirmed the ability to re-use email addresses associated with deleted accounts.2018-03-12 22:25:5225: AddedMaintenance tool for correcting trades erroneously marked as having an [open] issue.2018-02-16 18:24:5724: UpdatedAdded a kill switch for our **Secret Santa Swap**.2018-02-16 18:24:3323: FixedUpdated the path used for our certificate authentication file.2018-02-16 18:24:1422: AddedFind out which items are missing images from the [Item Images](http://swapfig.com/item-images) page.2018-02-05 21:52:2821: AddedAdmin feature to purge Slack logs.2018-01-31 10:15:2520: UpdatedTweets can now be sent with attached images.2018-01-24 23:05:3619: FixedValidation error messages should have been restored: this was due to changing the site's default locale.2018-01-24 23:04:2618: UpdatedReduced the size of header text across the board.2018-01-24 23:03:4217: UpdatedReworking the integration with Brick Owl. It turned out that images weren't actually being submitted to them!2018-01-24 23:02:0216: UpdatedUsing the invisible version of ReCAPTCHA for the Contact page.2018-01-24 23:01:1915: FixedResolving an error with security certficates, that prevented the Contact page an other features from working.2018-01-24 23:00:5614: UpdatedImproved Open Graph tags across the site in general, and particularly for News posts.2018-01-19 19:08:5513: UpdatedUsers who have donated to **Swapfig** are indicated with a "heart" symbol instead of a dollar sign.2018-01-19 11:28:1112: UpdatedAppearance of the Inventory page.2018-01-19 11:27:3611: UpdatedAdded a dedicated page for adding and editing news posts.2018-01-19 11:27:2210: UpdatedOffers and trades on the [Trade Manager](http://swapfig.com/trade-manager) page were updated to be a little cleaner, in response to the dropdown button for marking a trade as received or complete not functioning.2018-01-10 19:21:569: Removed**What's Hot?** was removed from the site.2018-01-10 19:20:498: FixedReintroduced the Modernizr JS library.2017-11-27 14:54:227: FixedMissing favicon.ico file.2017-11-27 14:53:166: AddedAdded a back office contact page.2017-11-25 11:44:135: UpdatedWe should see a list of participants on the [Secret Santa Swap](http://swapfig.com/secret-santa-swap) page if a Secret Santa Swap is running.2017-11-25 11:43:544: AddedBrought back the home page carousel.2017-11-25 11:43:113: UpdatedHave tested the ability to respond to issues via the Issues page. If you still have problems, please try clearing your browser's cache.2017-11-16 02:37:102: AddedSetting the site up for the very first "Donember", to start in December.2017-11-14 01:51:281: UpdatedChanges made to the site will appear here and on our Site Changes page.2017-11-14 01:49:20