Hello everyone!

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    Contributor 4 months ago
    So let's try this out!

    What is the general opinion on the Harry Potter series? I think they look excellent, although I hope the rumoured "extra rare" figure is only that, a rumour.
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    4 months ago
    I can't wait to get my hands on the CMFs, but I'm a bit disappointed that they did not include Prof. McGonagall. She's definitely more involved in the series that Trelawney.
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    Contributor 4 months ago
    I don't really care for Harry Potter, but the new moveable shortie legs are so amazing!! It took Lego long enough to make them!!! :D
  • M
    4 months ago
    Though this first wave is pretty much who you’d expect in the characters chosen, i think the included animals and accessories really make this series shine. As I can only guess these will be a huge hit, I’m sure there’s a series 2 already in the pocket for later. Between Harry Potter and the Unikitty Series coming out in August there should be some fun trading for all very soon.
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