The Swapfig Birthday Challenge.

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    Super 2 years ago
    Hello folks, just wanted to drop in quickly to say a few words about the Swapfig Birthday Challenge issued last week. After this, it's back to work!

    Naturally I wanted to say big thank you to those users who took part, and I was very humbled by and appreciative of the e-cards and sentiments received. As I've mentioned elsewhere, things have been rather rough on my end - not to mention turning one year older in the process!

    But I have a confession to make: that the Birthday Challenge was more of a test to see who would respond. In particular, I wanted to see who was willing to make as small a gesture as sending an e-card or a birthday message.

    Those of you who were kind enough to take part in the challenge, should have received a special badge in your collection (see And to show that the Birthday Challenge wasn't a money grab: the donations received should also have been refunded.

    That's pretty much it!
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    Contributor 2 years ago
    In my opinion, keeping the money would have been fine. You guys deserve it! :D
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