Friends of Swapfig.

The following sites (and the people who own them) are considered "friends" of Swapfig, as they've either been instrumental to our success, or have been particularly supportive of our growth.

Make sure you pay each of them a visit when you have a moment—and tell 'em Swapfig sent 'ya!

Beyond the Brick

Your number one source for LEGO builder interviews, LEGO news and the best MOCs from around the world.

Brick Fanatics

The leading UK-based LEGO fan site, with reviews and correspondence on everything relevant in the world of LEGO.

Brick Owl

An online marketplace where you can buy and sell LEGO sets, parts and accessories, as well as System, Collectible and licence minifigures.


A comprehensive database of LEGO sets and minifigures, also home to one of the most popular online forums for LEGO.

Fairy Bricks

Brightening the lives of sick children, Fairy Bricks is a UK-based charity that run and participate in events, donating LEGO to hospitals and other good causes.


Toy blog following the happenings in the world of toy collecting and creative hobbies.

Minifig For Life

Specialists in third-party accessories and display solutions for LEGO minifigures, also providing custom engraved and printed elements. They're also the only UK-based store that officially s

The place to go for custom minifigures, whether you want a famous character, someone you know - or even yourself!

Palace Designs

Friendly and LEGO enthusiastic US-based web hosting, helping Swapfig out in its time of need.

The worst LEGO fan site on the Internet. In all seriousness, the LEGO fan site of the guy behind Swapfig, with commentary, MOCs and more.

The original minifigure trading site and the inspiration for Swapfig.

The New Elementary

LEGO User Group and highly popular weblog with a focus on individual LEGO parts, also featuring set reviews and numerous AFOL guest appearances.

Tranquility Base Comic

A LEGO web comic about the inhabitants and workers of a busy space port.