Swapfig's House Rules as of 23 Aug 2020.

"The site" refers to the web site found right here, at http://swapfig.com.
"We" refers to those tasked with running and maintaining Swapfig.
"User" refers to an active member of Swapfig.
Use of Swapfig is a privilege, not a right.
Swapfig membership is subject to adherence to our House Rules. We reserve the right to revoke a user's membership (via a ban) at any time for violating the House Rules.
Users are only allowed to have one Swapfig account at any time. Duplicate accounts will be immediately banned without warning.
Banned users are prohibited from rejoining Swapfig under new accounts, which are subject to an immediate ban.
All Swapfig Users must be 16 or over.
In the interest of user safety, anyone under 16 years old is considered underage, and is prohibited from using Swapfig unless supervised by an adult.
All Swapfig users must be treated with respect
regardless of their age, sex, their role on Swapfig and trading level.
Users are not obligated to accept offers.
Acceptance or rejection of an offer to trade is at each user's discretion. They are not obliged to explain or enter into correspondence regarding their choice to accept or reject another user's offer, including those made by us.
Users' details and inventory must be kept accurate.
Users are responsible for providing a mailing address for trades they are involved in. Though Swapfig provides inventory management, it is also users' responsibility to ensure that item quantities, as well as the items listed in their inventories, are accurate.
In particular, items listed in a user's haves list are assumed to be available for trading with other users, while items in their owns and wants lists are not.
Users can prevent others from making them offers by turning off Receive trade offers under the Trading tab of their Profile > Edit Profile page.
Users are obliged to complete their trades.
Acceptance of an offer is an agreement to complete the trade. Once items have been sent, the receiving user must mark the other user's "half" of the trade as Complete and leave feedback, via the Trade Manager.
Both sides of a trade must be marked as Complete, and feedback for both users left, before the trade is considered Complete.
Users must be proactive in exposing and dealing with Bad Traders.
We want to keep our "minifigure trading action" friendly and safe for everybody, and we rely on our users to be vigilant for those who seek to abuse the site and defraud others. We will take all reports of fraud, harassment and other misconduct seriously.
All items listed on Swapfig are assumed to be as described and – most importantly – genuine LEGO products. Any instance of trading fake or cloned items is considered fraud, and will result in a ban with immediate effect.
Referral and spam links are prohibited
in users' profiles and correspondence between users on Swapfig.
Referral links are classed as those where a user makes money as a result of others visiting and signing up to a site or offer through the link.
Spam links are those where personal information is compromised, and include those for trolling and practical jokes.
We don't mind you linking to your own web sites, but users found distributing referral or spam links will be banned with immediate effect.
Our decisions are final.
Once an issue is elevated and brought to our attention, any action taken will be at our discretion. We also reserve the right not to enter into correspondence regarding decisions we've made.
Use of Swapfig is at your own risk.
While we do all we can to avoid mistakes, fix problems with the site, and especially to prevent dealings with Bad Traders, we are not liable for the actions of other users, or responsible for any losses or damages that occur through using the site.

Swapfig membership is subject to adherence to our House Rules.