Swapfig News. June 2013

Version 0.2.3

10 Jun 2013 06:20

Updating the site still hasn't been perfected, but we're pleased to announce version 0.2.3 of Project Swapfig. You can see exactly what has changed by visiting the Version Log page. ...


Version 0.2.2

04 Jun 2013 21:47

Version 0.2.2 of Project Swapfig has been uploaded, bring a few minor updates and fixes as the version number suggests.I'm still the only person building the site at the moment, ...


Welcome to the Project Swapfig News Network!

04 Jun 2013 20:05

Okay, it's hardly a news network. But for some reason, during the early stages of building the site, I'd completely overlooked the necessity of having a news section!If everything is ...