Swapfig News: Version 0.2.2

Version 0.2.2

Version 0.2.2 of Project Swapfig has been uploaded, bring a few minor updates and fixes as the version number suggests.
I'm still the only person building the site at the moment, so progress is slow - but I am listening to the feedback and keeping an eye on things.

The biggest improvement in this version is the introduction of this news section, which is up to help keep people informed of what's going on from one central place. It even has its own RSS feed, and logged-in users can even comment on each news post. Most of the other updates are fixes and updates for different site features.

As you might be aware, another crowdfunding attempt is being made over on Jump Start City - but before the actual crowdfunding can take place, we have to get past the \"elevator pitch\", which is a lot like an audition.

I'm asking all - and anyone they know - to take a couple of minutes to support the Project Swapfig project, and help get things started. It won't cost you anything to do so, but rest assured that it'll be worth it. Additionally, there are a handful of other projects that could use your votes of confidence too.

Thank you folks for playing along.