Swapfig News: Version 0.2.3

Version 0.2.3

Updating the site still hasn't been perfected, but we're pleased to announce version 0.2.3 of Project Swapfig. You can see exactly what has changed by visiting the Version Log page. (Most of it won't make any sense to anyone without coding experience, but it's proof that we haven't been twiddling our thumbs all day.)

The next update will hopefully address some outstanding issues, as well as introduce a particularly important feature that will benefit the search engines as well as new visitors and site users. Our priority at the moment is making the site as stable as possible, and we will certainly try to do this before making any drastic changes.

We're approaching 100 completed trades on Project Swapfig, which isn't bad considering the site has been going for over a month. Who will be the lucky pair of users to reach that milestone?