Swapfig News: Version 0.3.4 + crowdfunding begins tomorrow!

Version 0.3.4 + crowdfunding begins tomorrow!

I promised a site update over the weekend, and yesterday I delivered. Project Swapfig is now at version 0.3.4, as we make more preparations for supporting minifigures, polybag sets and parts. All the things that have changed in this version are shown on the Help > Version Log page.

One very important addition to the site is page tutorials: some pages now have a Tutorial button (appearing above the Feedback button) which will give you an overview of that specific page's features. If you've been confused about how to make the most of Project Swapfig, hopefully this will go some way towards providing the help you're looking for.

I'm also trialling Google Translate, especially for non-English speakers (and for anyone curious about how the site will appear in different languages). Ideally I would have a more robust solution for translating the site, but we will see how the provision of translation is used and whether it affects site usage.

Also, an important reminder that our second attempt at crowdfunding will begin tomorrow (should everything go according to plan), and you have until midnight tonight to cast your vote for the print reward design.
This time around we're looking to raise money specifically to hire a web designer, as well as produce the rewards on offer. The crowdfunding project will be hosted this time by Zequs (formerly PleaseFund.us).