Swapfig News. October 2013

Version 0.3.6

11 Oct 2013 18:46

Yet another update this week! Project Swapfig is updated to version 0.3.6, in a process that took far longer than I'd like.The main reason for stepping up a version so soon is ...


Version 0.3.5 + crowdfunding update

09 Oct 2013 14:11

Project Swapfig has been updated to version 0.3.5 as of yesterday.Probably the most significant update to the site is the behaviour of the Who Has? page, which - unbeknownst to ...


Our Second Crowdfunding Attempt

03 Oct 2013 07:04

Our second official crowdfunding campaign was officially launched on Tuesday, and this time is being hosted on Zequs (formerly PleaseFund.us). You can find the campaign at the following page:http://www.zequs.com/campaign/project-swapfig-minifigure-trading-actionThere's plenty ...


Version 0.3.4 + crowdfunding begins tomorrow!

30 Sep 2013 04:41

I promised a site update over the weekend, and yesterday I delivered. Project Swapfig is now at version 0.3.4, as we make more preparations for supporting minifigures, polybag sets and parts. ...