Swapfig News. October 2013

Our Second Crowdfunding Attempt

Our second official crowdfunding campaign was officially launched on Tuesday, and this time is being hosted on Zequs (formerly PleaseFund.us). You can find the campaign at the following page:http://www.zequs.com/campaign/project-swapfig-minifigure-trading-actionThere's plenty ...


Version 0.3.4 + crowdfunding begins tomorrow!

I promised a site update over the weekend, and yesterday I delivered. Project Swapfig is now at version 0.3.4, as we make more preparations for supporting minifigures, polybag sets and parts. ...


Crowdfunding print reward: vote for your favourite pictures!

Project Swapfig will be making a second attempt at crowdfunding, beginning on October 1st 2013.I'm looking to offer 6x4\" prints of some artwork to many of the project's backers - but ...