Swapfig News: Our Second Crowdfunding Attempt

Our Second Crowdfunding Attempt

Our second official crowdfunding campaign was officially launched on Tuesday, and this time is being hosted on Zequs (formerly PleaseFund.us). You can find the campaign at the following page:


There's plenty of time left to make a pledge, and you can land yourself some exclusive rewards by doing so. The White Swapfigure and printed tiles return from the previous attempt, but our highlight is a Gold Swapfigure: especially for people who haven't found Mr. Gold.
At the very least you can take part in a prize raffle by pledging just £5, and you can help get the word out by blogging, tweeting and sharing the link.

So far (and I've made a contribution) we're doing very well, but let's blow the target out of the water with this one.