Swapfig News: Version 0.3.6

Version 0.3.6

Yet another update this week! Project Swapfig is updated to version 0.3.6, in a process that took far longer than I'd like.

The main reason for stepping up a version so soon is the ability to report a problem with a trade, which was broken due to changes in the code during version 0.3.5. The issue system is one thing that will have to be overhauled in the next major version of the site.

As some of you might know, BrickLink's catalogue of parts and things became proprietary (read: they don't want anyone else using it), which caused all kinds of chaos in the online LEGO community. Thankfully Brick Owl are working on an open catalogue, and they've been kind enough to help Project Swapfig out by allowing the site to import with part colour information: something that's going to be necessary for when trading parts is supported.

Finally, a big welcome to everybody who joined Project Swapfig as a result of my presence at the Great Western LEGO Show last weekend. It seems so long ago, really it does.