Swapfig News: Remaining Star Wars figures added.

Remaining Star Wars figures added.

It's been an incredibly long process, but the remaining Star Wars minifigures (from the Clone Wars series and others) have been added to Project Swapfig, with a massive thanks to Brick Owl and their open database. Please go and check out Brick Owl if you haven't already.

You'll still see that most of the photos of the minifigures are low quality, and some are so incredibly bad I didn't want to have them up at all... but that's what I have to contend with right now. If you can help out with better quality photos of each figure, please do. I'm considering bringing in a couple of people to maintain the lists of figures, which has taken up a lot of time.

Obviously there are going to be more Star Wars figures in the future, and they'll be added to Project Swapfig as long as they're present in Brick Owl's database.