Swapfig News: Version 0.4.2 + The LEGO Movie minifigures!

Version 0.4.2 + The LEGO Movie minifigures!

What you should be looking at right now is version 0.4.2 of Project Swapfig, which will probably be the last minor update before work begins on the redesign. Everything looks like a hodgepodge of HTML and JavaScript, so I almost can't wait to get started.

The biggest thing to announce with this version is the Who Wants? page, which can be found under the Search menu item that replaces Who Has?. Someone had suggested this addition a while ago, and it took some time before I was convinced it was a good idea. It will hopefully be useful for anyone who wants to get rid of a specific minifigure, and with deciding whether to trade it or do something else with it.

You'll notice the Who Wants? page is in a different style to Who Has?. Let me know which version you think is better and/or easier to use.

The other big news is that The LEGO Movie minifigures - having shown up on this side of the pond - have now been added to the site, under Collectible MInifigures. Anyone still found referring to these as Series 12 should be shown this very fitting image, then treated accordingly.

As usual, you can find all the major changes to the site on the Help > Version Log page.