Swapfig News: Admin's Choice: LEGO Friends minidolls added!

Admin's Choice: LEGO Friends minidolls added!

Yes indeed. Things have been quiet on my end, as I've been trying to balance a number of things, but I'm ready to make another news post.

Freshly added to Project Swapfig is the ability to trade minidolls from the LEGO Friends theme. All the minidolls from the first five waves are present, and I've added photos of each of the ones I currently have in my collection - some of the others don't have pictures as they weren't present at the time on Brick Owl.

Why LEGO Friends? Because that's what I would have chosen as the first non-CMF theme to add if nobody had gone for the \"dibs\" option in the crowdfunding campaign.

Although it was a lot of hard work, doing Star Wars first had greatly helped with the issue of distinguishing minifigures - in this case, the differences between the multiple Stephanie/Olivia/Mia/Andrea/Emma and even Kate minidolls.

In terms of future additions: we'll have to be able to handle theme updates (i.e. more Star Wars figures and Friends minidolls) at some point, so the work isn't quite done.