Swapfig News: Why we're not taking requests/suggestions for themes.

Why we're not taking requests/suggestions for themes.

One of the most common things we've been asked since Project Swapfig's conception is whether minifigures from themes other than the Collectible Minifigures would be added to the site. Up until a while ago Project Swapfig only allowed the trading of Collectible Minifigures, but as a result of the second attempt at crowdfunding succeeding (and DIBS being called), that tradition was broken with the introduction of Star Wars minifigures.

For those who don't know: at the time of introducing Star Wars figures to the site, there were around 500 of them to contend with. Adding all of them would have been near impossible if it wasn't for Brick Owl and its open database (where we get the data and photos of newly-added figures), helped even less by the fact I'm not a Star Wars afficionado. The themes that have been added since were simple enough to sanitise, but while I knew fans of Star Wars would go nuts if something was named incorrectly, I was almost completely in the dark.

Even with Brick Owl's help it took around a week to add those figures, with a lot of challenges being introduced in the process: one being there were numerous Stormtroopers, X-Wing pilots and other figures. Then there was lots of renaming and image cropping involved, not to mention organising the figures into the correct groups.

Of all the people - members and non-members alike - who requested Star Wars and other themes to be added to the site, or made side-comments on different sites about wanting them to be added: how many do you think responded to our request for help with organisation, naming the figures correctly and providing better photos for use on the site?

That's right... nobody.

(Actually that's not quite true: there was one person who provided the suggestion of adding a description to the figures, and another person who pointed out some errors.)

Even before Star Wars was introduced to the site, our plan was to hold regular polls so that members could vote for the next theme to be added. We're still open to suggestions for improving the site and making \"minifigure trading action\" the best experience it can be. This isn't just us being a certain seven-letter word!

But while there are a couple of other issues that led to this decision, the above was the icing on the cake - and our official reason for refusing requests or suggestions for themes to add, instead adding them at our discretion.

It doesn't mean we're not listening - you still might find your suggested/requested theme being added to the site in the near future, so stay tuned.