Swapfig News: More polybags and other things added.

More polybags and other things added.

For fans of polybag collecting: the latest update to the site (as of this morning) introduces several more polybags, including a mixture of new, old and discontinued sets.
This was made possible with an update to our importing script, which pulls data and imagery from fellow site Brick Owl - once again highlighting that joint efforts are usually better than going it alone. How long would it have take us to add all those polybags manually?

Here's what else has been added: Monthly Mini Builds from LEGO retail stores. These have proven to be popular with AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) as well as children, so if you have any lying around you should now be able to trade them. (or at least, the ones that have been listed!)

How about Store Grand Opening sets? It may be a long shot given their limited numbers and resale value, but these have also been listed as items to trade. These and the Monthly Mini Builds count as polybags, ie. two items towards trading limits.

Also, don't forget about our DC vs Marvel poll, which is running until the 30th April. We want to know which of these Super Heroes themes should be added to the site before the other, and this is the only time you'll get the chance to vote!