Swapfig News: Happy Belated Birthday Swapfig!

Happy Belated Birthday Swapfig!

It's officially 12 days past due, which shows you how occupied we've been behind the scenes... but we've been incredibly proud and excited to have celebrated Project Swapfig's first birthday on May 1st. To mark the occasion we had a go at making our own birthday cake!


Anyone who remembers the launch of the site last year will remember how unstable and finicky the whole thing was. I remember spending the few days up to the launch trying to implement the most important parts of the site... then spending the following week almost completely glued to my desk, as issue after issue reared their ugly heads.

While it would be out of line to make any claims about Project Swapfig being the premier minifigure trading site on the web, I'm proud of how far it's come and how much activity it's received. By far the most rewarding aspect has been bringing collectors and fans of LEGO┬« together - even if they knew about each other already - and helping them obtain the figures (and now polybags!) they want.

That's why I've been so busy as of late: work has already started on the \"next level\" of Project Swapfig, which involves rebuilding the site from the ground up, in response to things I've learned over the past year. The new site, as well as my day job, is taking priority over the current site - but please keep letting me know about issues you come across.

As anyone who runs any kind of web site knows: you can't get to this position without putting in work! It's been a lot of work and a lot of head bashing up to this point, but thanks to everybody using the site at present, it's been worth it.