Swapfig News: A Month of Space minifigures.

A Month of Space minifigures.

August sees the official launch of the LEGO Ideas Exo Suit, which is the first ever non-IP LEGO Ideas/CUUSOO set. Brickset has a review of the set live if you're interested in what the set has to offer.

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We've already paid homage to the Classic Space theme the Exo Suit was influenced by, but to celebrate the set's pending launch we've decided to make July a month of Space minifigures.

This means that, throughout July, we're going to be adding one of the remaining Space themes at a time, which are in a predetermined order. Besides the Classic Space theme and Alien Conquest, we began the month by adding Spyrius - and today we've added all the minifigures from the Space Police I, II and III themes.

Now's the best time to search your collection for anything you're missing, and be part of minifigure trading action... in Space!