Swapfig News: Trading limits in effect.

Trading limits in effect.

An important part of Project Swapfig is trading levels. We haven't taken the proper time to introduce this feature and explain how it works, which is completely on us, so we're going to do so right now.

While we wanted to keep trading through Project Swapfig as freeform as possible, we've implemented trading levels from the very beginning, as a means of building trust among members, in addition to feedback. We wanted to make sure that users new to the site don't get ripped off too easily, or end up losing too many of their valuable items (preferably none at all) by making too big of an investment.

Each user has a trading level, starting from level 1 and going up to level 5. Each level determines how many items you can place in each half of a trade offer you make to other users (i.e. how many items you can trade at once with someone else).
As users complete trades through Swapfig, their trading level will increase, which will allow them to trade more items at a time with other users: all the way up to level 5, where limits are completely removed.
The levels are as follows:
In layman's terms:
  • a user at level 1 must trade a total of four or more items, with at least one other user, to reach level 2;
  • a user at level 2 must trade a total of 16 items between at least three other users to reach level 3, and so on.
Polybag sets currently count as two items (the contents of the set and the packaging), while minifigures count as one item. Of course, you can trade a combination of polybags and minifigures with other users.

We've made an update to the site today, which addressed an oversight with trade offers between users at different levels. When making a counteroffer to offers from higher trading level users, the higher trading level will take effect. (That means level 1 users will be able to counteroffer a level 3 user's offer using level 3 trading limits.)

We know that putting these limits on trading can be frustrating, but this one way we can make sure everybody has the best trading experience possible. We're always looking for suggestions on how this can be improved for the rebuilt site.

If you run into any problems, please let us know!