Swapfig News: Keychains!


We thought about it, then realised it made a lot of sense - so for August we've decided to introduce a new item type to Project Swapfigkeychains. (Or \"key chains\" if you prefer.)

Whether you buy them directly from a LEGO store, during a visit to one of the LEGOLAND parks, or free with a minimum spend, keychains make great collectible items. They go back as far as 1963, according to BrickLink, and there are plenty to choose from.


Keychains were intended to be part of the \"next level\" of Swapfig (currently in development), but we thought we'd give them a trial run on this current site. We've decided they're worth two items towards trading limits for the time being; we'll see how this works out.

We're also in the process of adding as many of these keychains as we can, but bear in mind we're mostly limited to information from Brick Owl; a lot of the information has to be correctly named, and most of the keychains don't have corresponding photos! If you have any pictures of keychains we can use (preferably with the tag), please get in touch.

As a reminder while you're checking out what we have on the site: we're not taking any requests or demands for themes or items to add to the site. We will eventually get around to adding more items to trade, but any correspondence regarding additions will be completely ignored.