Swapfig News: Dealing with Bad Traders - Part 2: Bad Traders Page

Dealing with Bad Traders - Part 2: Bad Traders Page

This is the second part of the results of our Dealing with Bad Traders survey, where we asked people about how Project Swapfig could best deal with bad traders.

\ Today we're going to be talking about our idea for a proposed Bad Traders page on the site... which isn't actually our idea, as it's inspired by the one on miniaturetrading.com. We figured something like this would be helpful for those who've been unfortunate enough to be scammed.

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How we interpret the results

\ There's no doubt that the majority of people who took the survey are behind the idea, and perhaps are as passionate about giving bad traders justice as we are. There are a few who objected to the idea of a Bad Traders page, and our team of enforcers are tracking them down as we speak ;)

\ \ \ \ \ As passionate as we are about this idea, we do to have to be very careful about how we handle information. One thing we pointed out in the survey is that - unlike on miniaturetrading.com - our Bad Traders page would only be accessible when a user is logged in.
\ We also want to reduce the danger of harrassment to bad traders, especially innocent parties who just happened to be labelled as bad traders. It would be irresponsible for us to put someone on Front Street just like that, but at the same time we're well aware that bad traders often don't share the same level of courtesy. What do we do, eh?

\ \ \ \ \ On this end we're still considering what information we would display about bad traders, but there's general agreement that people want to see the details of bad trades, as well as any other usernames a specific bad trader has used. Though fake addresses could easily be used, we would want to provide that information in case anyone wants to take things further (i.e. call the authorities) - but it may not be a good idea to display it on the page.

\ \ \ \ \ As for the number of bad trades before being listed: given that Project Swapfig has a two strikes and out policy, most of the time a user who gets two simultaneous strikes would appear on the Bad Traders page, but it seems that one trade can be enough, depending on the circumstances. If a bad trader somehow reappears on the site to cause grief once again, that would be one instance.

\ \ \ \ \ Finally, one respondent mentioned that a bad trader should be given the opportunity to explain the situation. We'd definitely agree with the sentiment, and this again demonstrates how careful we at Project Swapfig would have to be about labelling people as bad traders. There's a lot to think about in terms of how we'd implement this.

\ \ \ \ \ So that's the end of part two of our findings. Part three deals with another idea we have for the site, and the responses are bound to be interesting.