Swapfig News: Dealing with Bad Traders - Part 4: Trade Feedback

Dealing with Bad Traders - Part 4: Trade Feedback

This is the long overdue part four of the Dealing with Bad Traders survey results, which will be used in our efforts to rebuild the site.

\ \ \ \ \ In this episode we find out what the participants had to say when we suggested another idea: the ability to not leave feedback for a trade. This was in response to those special users who had not marked the other user's part of a trade as having been completed.

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How we interpret the results

Again, the idea behind the option to not leave feedback for a trade came from the many issues we've had in, where someone forgot - or chose not to - mark their respective side as completed. There isn't an overwhelming majority who disagree with this approach, but the percentage is significant.
What the responses to all four questions tell us is that feedback is very important, with regards to the site and dealings with other users. It's probably the most effective way, of the ideas we've put forward so far, of preventing dealings with bad traders.

One thing we'll definitely do in the new version of Swapfig is encourage users to leave feedback - good or bad - for their trades. Specific feedback will be visible by then, but one thing we really don't want is for anyone to feel like they have to give someone good feedback - that's why we currently have four criteria scored from one to five.

Next time we'll post the results of some other, less detailed ideas we've had for the site.