Swapfig News: Make My December!

Make My December!

The rest of our Dealing with Bad Traders survey results will come; it's just that we've been very occupied over the last few weeks with some other things, not least BRICK 2014.

Earlier today we announced our December \"promo\": we're giving Project Swapfig users the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to choose the next minifigure theme to be added to the site, in time for the royal carnage that will ensue once S13 Collectible Minifigures hit the shelves in January.
The only catch: you must also provide the information we require to add those items to the site! Simply the official name of each minifigure, along with an optional description to distinguish them.

For anyone who wants to make a suggestion for a minifigure theme to add to the site: what you must do is provide a list of minifigure names (and ideally descriptions) for the theme you're suggesting. If you can also provide images for those minifigures, it would be a huge bonus.
The first substantial submission we receive before Christmas will be added to the site in time for January - maybe even sooner - with any other submissions appearing in February.

To take part, please send your minifigure information as a spreadsheet to drew@swapfig.com, with any accompanying imagery in a zip file.