Swapfig News: Relaunch Postponed

Relaunch Postponed

If you've been paying attention to our Facebook group or Twitter feed, you'll know that we were planning to celebrate Swapfig's second birthday with an early site relaunch. We've been working as much as we can to get things ready, and we're really looking forward to showing you the next level of Swapfig.

Unfortunately we've just had to make a very difficult decision: there will be no relaunch on May 1st 2015.

As hard as we've been working on the new site, there's still a lot of work to do to get things right. You might have heard about problems Drew has had with producing some of the crowdfunding rewards, and we also don't have the new design for the site that the crowdfunding project was all about (we realised it would be easier to leave the design work until the coding is done).

We remember the first week of May 2013 almost like it was yesterday, and we can't see any reason to go through it again, especially with an unfinished product.

Our new target is July 1st 2015, where we will at least have a working version of the new site. It will also give us time to make sure that the trading experience works properly, perhaps even adding some new features.

PS. \"We\" still means \"I\": as well as creating the new version of the site, Drew has been running and maintaining Project Swapfig on his own.