Swapfig News: Users' Choice 2015

Users' Choice 2015

We made an announcement yesterday in our Facebook group, that we are having the first, only and final Users' Choice for August - to make up for the numerous problems we've had with the site relaunch, which has affected everybody.

Users' Choice is where you - Swapfig's users - can decide which theme or subtheme will be added to the site next month. The theme or subtheme with the most votes will be added near the beginning of August.

However, this will only happen if we receive a minimum of 20 votes. If we don't receive 20 individual votes, or nobody responds, we will not do anything.

To vote for your choice of theme or subtheme, let us know in the comments or via the Contact form. This is a one-time opportunity, so make the most of it!