Swapfig News: August on Swapfig.

August on Swapfig.

As you can now see, Swapfig has been relaunched with a completely new back end and front end, as well as a few new features we wanted to introduce.

July has been a particularly stressful month, as our relaunch had more than a few hiccups, but we are definitely back. Most of the hard work has been done, but there are still a number of things left to do - and even more things along the way.

During August we will be updating and possibly adding item information to the site, as well as introducing Friends of Swapfig and some long overdue FAQs.

User's Choice 2015

To make up for the intermittent problems involved with relaunching the site, we gave Swapfig users the opportunity to choose which theme or subtheme would be next added to the site - with the caveat being a minimum requirement of 20 votes. This was the first, final and only opportunity we gave for this to happen.

Across the site, Facebook and Twitter, we received a grand total of 5 votes.