Swapfig News: Brick Owl Affiliation!

Brick Owl Affiliation!

We've thought about both our newer and more experienced users, who might not be able to find a particular item available to trade for on Swapfig - or anyone who'll trade that item with them. Maybe you don't have items the other person wants, enough items, or any items at all.

Though we built this site from the ground up to be all about trading or swapping, sometimes the only option is to find someone who'll sell you those elusive items.

We've joined forces with Brick Owl: the newest online marketplace for buying and selling all kinds of LEGO, whether you're into minifigures, sets, individual parts or something else entirely.

Now, in addition to finding users on Swapfig who have matching items to trade, you'll also see a list of buying options from Brick Owl sellers - those who have affiliated their stores with us -  who have the items you're looking for in stock. You'll find these results on our What's Hot?, Who Has/Wants/Owns..? and Potential Trades pages.

If you're interested in having your items shown for sale on Swapfig, and you have a Brick Owl store, visit your store's affiliate settings for more information. If you don't have one, you can create your own store (free of charge) and add whatever LEGO items you want to sell.

We hope this will help everybody to obtain the minifigures and other items they really want.

(Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/38211875@N00/8309814843/)