Swapfig News: Roadmap for October 2015

Roadmap for October 2015

So how did we do with the roadmap we outlined last month?

What we've done

  • Add no more than two new themes to the site.
    We added minifigures from the Scooby-Doo theme, as well as updating LEGO Ideas minifigures with those from The Big Bang Theory.
  • Add badge icons (already designed by a third party).
    Have a look at your Badges page to see the badge icons.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Brick Owl affiliation.
    Thank you to everybody who affiliated their Brick Owl stores with Swapfig. There hasn't been very much activity [yet] with people visiting Brick Owl stores through Swapfig, but in general the affiliation is working and we've had some good feedback about it (until it comes to Swapfig making any money!).
  • Display five news items on the home page, with their respective thumbnails.

What we're looking to do

From last month

  • Create a page outlining the major differences between the old site (with the "horrible" logo) and our revamped version.
    Instead of a dedicated page it will be a news post, but there are quite a few differences between sites to talk about.
  • Add a minimum of 30 more FAQs.
    We managed to add around 15 FAQs last month, but there are plenty of yet to be answered questions.
  • Update existing items, including images and making sure that image thumbnails are being generated correctly.
  • Address all outstanding issues!
    We've managed to get close all the incorrectly reopened issues, but there are still a few legitimate ones to address.
  • Add links to other sites under Friends of Swapfig.

This month

  • Improve the site's loading time by managing JavaScript and CSS files.
    A huge part of the problems we had during the site's launch was trying to organise the JavaScript files to be more manageable, so we ended up using an unoptimised solution.
  • Revisit search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Begin research into building a "fig-opedia".
    This is something we really wanted to incorporate into Swapfig, so stay tuned for more information.
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