Swapfig News: No November Roadmap

No November Roadmap

There isn't a roadmap this month, solely because our focus is on the upcoming BRICK 2015 event at London ExCeL next month... and we're still miles behind with the preparations. If you're going to be at the event, come and say hello.

What we've done

  • Create a page outlining the major differences between the old site (with the "horrible" logo) and our revamped version.
    We wrote a news post, as we mentioned last month, outlining some of the major changes to Swapfig.
  • Update existing items, including images and making sure that image thumbnails are being generated correctly.
    We're not going to tell you how or what was involved, but fingers crossed there are more items with visible imagery than there were before.
    Just so you know: if an item doesn't have an image when it's added to the site, it typically won't be available to add to inventories or trade. The only recent exception is with the Scooby-Doo minifigures, which were added manually.
  • Address all outstanding issues!
    Virtually all of the outstanding issues have now been resolved.
  • Add links to other sites under Friends of Swapfig.
    Just yesterday a bunch of websites have been added to the Friends of Swapfig section of the site, namely those belonging to the small handful of people who were particularly supportive.
    Unless there's anyone we've missed, please don't ask to have your site added to that page.
  • Improve the site's loading time by managing JavaScript and CSS files.
    On both the front-facing and admin sides, we've managed to consolidate a bunch of JavaScript and stylesheet files - they may be larger in size now, but there's less files for the browser to download.
  • Revisit search engine optimisation (SEO).
    To improve the site's standing on the web, we're constantly experimenting with content and structure. One thing you might have noticed is the [temporary] removal of the home page carousel.