Swapfig News: Pescatarian Trading Action.

Pescatarian Trading Action.

For those who made a conscious decision to avoid all the online practical jokes last Friday, you've missed a pivotal moment where Swapfig temporarily became Swapfish: the home of pescatarian trading action.

All your favourite items were temporarily replaced with various aquatic creatures, including frogs, octopuses and lobsters. There was even a special gift available for anyone paying attention to the checklist on the home page. :)

Whether you'd witnessed these changes take place or not, we think we had one of the most creative April Fool's jokes going in the online LEGO community. We're sure there were the usual fake announcements and product launches that other people settle for, but we really hadn't paid any attention to those efforts.

Anyway, now that the practical joking is over, it's back to business - and we've been very busy behind the scenes, mostly with repairing and improving existing features. There are a few significant changes being planned in the next couple of months, so stay tuned.