Swapfig News: Redesigning the Trade Manager.

Redesigning the Trade Manager.

Hello folks...

Apart from recently adding Series 16 of the Collectible Minifigures to Swapfig, you might have noticed a lack of activity on our end. Our computer's hard drive had to be sent to a data recovery company, and although this hasn't affected our ability to work on the site, we've been unable to do other (related and unrelated) things.

From the e-mails we've received recently, one apparent issue is that our Trade Manager page isn't as easy to use as we'd hoped.

Our immediate thought was that the Trade Manager page does way too much: not only does it manage trades, but it also manages trade offers and issues with trades.

As Swapfig was intended to be as easy to use as possible, we really want to address this issue. One way of making the Trade Manager simpler is to divide the above features into separate pages, which in turn would make maintaining them much easier.

As part of the site's redesign, which has officially begun behind the scenes, we'd like your input into how we can improve the Trade Manager. Let us know your thoughts, either in the comments section or by using the Contact form.