Swapfig News: Wanted: Your Suggestions.

Wanted: Your Suggestions.

As mentioned in the last news update, we've introduced a brand new feature called the Suggestions page. We've been getting emails, comments and side-comments about things that should be added or changed on Swapfig, so at long last we've decided to hold those people accountable.

In all seriousness, we introduced the Suggestions page to gain a better idea of what actual Swapfig users want from the site, and to spend more time developing useful features than adding unnecessary bells and whistles.

As promised, the Suggestions page is now open for people to submit their ideas, and you can do so by pressing on the big "Make a suggestion" button. Please make sure you read the guidelines for submitting suggestions before attempting to do so!

None of the suggestions we'd made for site improvements had survived, as they didn't receive enough votes. Here's your chance to be the first to get an idea through.