Swapfig News: Working Under The Hood.

Working Under The Hood.

It's been a while since our last update, and for good reason: as usual we've been very busy and occupied. Our regular day job has come back into play, so we haven't had as much time to work on Swapfig as we'd want. In addition, we've found ourselves having to work considerably on the site's underlying code.

Issues and Suggestions

We'd like to apologise for all those issues that are yet to be resolved, and those who've submitted suggestions but haven't had a decision made on them yet. There were problems that prevented us doing so, and we've been working as fast as we could to right them.

Please keep those suggestions coming in, and keep voting on them! We've seen that just one of the many suggestions we've received has made the cut, and we're looking forward to seeing what it is next month.

Slack notifications.

If you've paid attention to social media, you'll have heard that we now receive Slack notifications when a server error occurs. This helps cut down on the number of emails sent, which is good because we don't think every little thing has to be accompanied by an email (take note, other web sites).

It's taken a little trial and error to get this system going, hence the frequent site updates, but it's definitely working now.

Easier (but slow!) deployment.

We've also been working on a foolproof way to update the site, after previous attempts often resulted in bits not being copied over, or the process taking much longer than it had to. Because of our current limitations, we've had a go at writing a script to automate the process.

For the most part it works... except it takes an age to copy files over. This morning's update took a couple of hours over business-quality Internet, and that ain't right. Obviously we'll be looking at reducing the update time (as if that had to be mentioned).

Swapfig 2.0.

Work has started on the next-next level of Swapfig, and we've had a tough time of determining where to begin.

While there's the design aspect, which we're keen to get started on as soon as possible, all we're going to reveal right now is that the new version will be built around an API. For the layman: this opens up the possibility of having an app, and perhaps integration with other sites.

Great Western Brick Show.

Finally, some of the admin's time has been spent preparing for this year's Great Western Brick Show in October, which is tied to another project they've been working on. If you happen to be going to the event, be sure to stop by.