Swapfig News: Our First Winning Suggestion: uploading item images.

Our First Winning Suggestion: uploading item images.

We introduced our Suggestions feature back in July, which allowed users to put their money where their mouths were and submit their ideas for how to improve Swapfig. We've since received several great ideas, but unfortunately most of them didn't get enough votes to be counted.

One eligible suggestion is chosen at the start of each month, based on the number of votes, and this suggestion will be worked on for release in the following month. Today we're proud to announce the very first suggestion that made the cut.

This month's winning suggestion.

The ability for users to upload missing images for items was missing on Swapfig, and some people had even hinted toward the idea - but user CCC took the initiative to use our Suggestions feature to put it forward.
As well as being the first (and only idea so far) to reach the minimum number of votes, it's the only one so far that has had a donation made toward it, which kept it in the running.

Our challenges.

There are a few things we'll have to consider when implementing this new feature, including the following:

  • Where to host these images. Cloud-based hosting is the way forward, but we're debating between using AWS directly and an image-specific service such as Cloudinary. Neither are free!
  • Rules for the kinds of images we want. We're content with using the promotional images for the Collectible Minifigures, but we want the best possible images for the other items. Image sizes will have to be decided upon.
  • Recognising users for uploading images. There will definitely be badges involved for users who contribute images (that we use), and we also want to give credit.
  • Contributing to Brick Owl. We're keen to add the option to allow Brick Owl to make use of user-submitted images, because they've helped us out immensely.
  • Determining which items are missing images, or require better ones. There would have to be some kind of flagging system in place, particularly when cloud hosting is involved.

This is an extremely busy month, in the run up to this year's Great Western Brick Show, so it's likely that this new feature will start to appear in the middle of October at the soonest.

We want more suggestions!

If you have any great ideas for how to improve Swapfig, head over to the Suggestions page, check out our guidelines, and make a submission. Your idea could be the next one to be chosen!