Swapfig News: The First Secret Santa Swap... and other updates.

The First Secret Santa Swap... and other updates.

Hello folks.

The site has been down for longer than expected recently, and for the longest period since version 1.0 was launched. However, it's not been in vain.

Secret Santa Swap.

Our very first Secret Santa Swap began earlier today, after the midnight deadline was reached. We gave everybody over a month to register their interest, and 35 users put their names down. Although not all of them are participating (see below), it's great news.

Everybody taking part would have received two emails: the first and earliest one should be discarded. You can find all the necessary information about your Secret Santa Swap under the Trades tab on the Trade Manager page.

If you haven't received an email about your Secret Santa Swap recipient, and it's not in your spam or trash folder, it's most likely because:

  • your account was deleted;
  • you became a Bad Trader between signing up and the deadline;
  • you don't have a mailing address set in your profile.

The Inventory Investigation.

We've been investigating a problem that some of you have reported with the Inventory page: that for some reason, in some cases, changes aren't being saved.

Unfortunately nobody has wanted to provide us with specific details, so we had to do some digging - going as far as rewriting a significant part of the Inventory page logic.

After thoroughly testing, everything seemed to work fine, and we even suspected that people were colluding and making things up. HOWEVER we knew better, so we decided to test the page in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It turned out there's a problem with number input fields in both browsers, which were used for the quantity fields. Entering anything other than numbers - possible in both browsers for some odd reason - would prevent the inventory being updated correctly.

There was no way to properly correct this behaviour, so the quantity fields are now regular input fields that are restricted to numbers only.

We're not sure if the problem is 100% solved, but we're fairly certain now that outstanding issues aren't to do with our code. We'll have to keep an eye out for this one.

The Messages page.

As an added bonus over the weekend, we finally made some changes to the Messages page. Visually it's still not great, but it should work a lot more smoothly now.

The changes to the Messages page were inspired by the common oversight of users deleting their accounts, which - if not properly handled - will cause all kinds of problems.

Scrapped Silent Auction.

Over in the Facebook group, we put forward the idea of holding a Silent Auction in addition to the Secret Santa Swap.

The idea behind the Silent Auction was to give users the chance to bid on various LEGO goodies from our stash, all while raising money for charity. In the end we decided not to go ahead with the Silent Auction, instead promoting the Secret Santa Swap.

We were reminded of how badly we did on both our crowdfunding campaigns, and the disregard for our work that many of you have [had]. We weren't confident at all that we'd raise a significant enough amount for charity; that no matter what items we decided to list, people would insist on getting a bargain. It therefore made no sense to invest time or energy in the idea.

New items and their maintenance.

One thing we really want to address is the addition and upkeep of item information on Swapfig. Certainly by the end of the year, we want to have as many of the categories updated as possible, which will involve adding hundreds - maybe thousands - of new items.

In the future we want a very small selection of users to be able to add and update items for us, because it's actually a bigger task than you might think! Before we can do this, we have to do some work on the admin interface.

In the meantime, please consider uploading images for items that don't have them yet! So far only one user has done so.