Swapfig News: Swapfig's New Years Resolutions for 2017.

Swapfig's New Years Resolutions for 2017.

First and foremost, Swapfig wishes everybody a Happy New Year for 2017, whether you've had a great 2016 or not.

It's that time of year again, where people make frivolous New Years resolutions for the sake of saying they have them. Here at Swapfig we wanted to take the custom much more seriously, so we've identified a few areas where we can improve.

Get rid of "squatters".

Because of a freak accident a few weeks ago, everyone's lists of wants had been deleted. On the plus side, not only did it get rid of a lot of redundant information, but it had fixed a problem with the Inventory page that we had no idea existed. Our first resolution for 2017 is to delete every single "squatter" account on Swapfig. We would rather have a couple of hundred users who actually use the site, than thousands in number only.

Address issues much more quickly.

One area where we've greatly messed up is with resolving trade issues, with the worst examples taking months to deal with. There definitely isn't any excuse for it.

Introduce a wider audience.

2017 is going to be the year of what we're calling The Big Redesign, where Swapfig is getting the makeover we had crowdfunded for way back when. Again, the purpose of this makeover is to attract a much wider audience than the online LEGO community. Everything leading up to The Big Redesign has been an experiment and a learning experience, and we now have a much better idea of the direction Swapfig should take.

Regular adding of items.

While we'll still ignore requests/demands/suggestions for items and themes to be added (see the FAQs for more info), one thing we definitely must do is stay as current as possible. This will most likely mean monthly item updates, or - even better - having people maintain items for us. This leads to the last resolution...

Have a staff.

Swapfig has been run by just one person (despite mentions of "we") for the last three and a half years, and having a crew of moderators is well overdue. The main reason this hasn't happened yet is because there isn't any functionality specific to moderators, which is going to be addressed as part of The Big Redesign. We also want to be certain that anyone who becomes a moderator can be trusted.

We'll see you in 2017!