Swapfig News: Taking Con-Troll, Among Other Things.

Taking Con-Troll, Among Other Things.

A few Swapfig updates have taken place over the last couple of months, and here are some of the more significant changes.


We really appreciate it when people report specific problems with Swapfig, and even more so when their reports make finding and solving the problem easier. Unfortunately some people just parrot what we've already said, refuse to read the FAQs beforehand, or use common sense - which wastes our time.

You'll now notice a trolling level when viewing user profiles. Similar to strikes, increases in trolling levels are temporary. However, too high a trolling level will restrict certain activities on Swapfig. Which activities will be restricted is being decided upon, but most users have been cool and won't have to worry about it.

New Potential Trades (beta version).

We've introduced a beta version of our new Potential Trades tool, written completely from scratch, in response to "doesn't work" (taking a long time to generate results).

The beta version appears to be significantly faster than the current version, although you'll definitely notice a difference in results.

On another note, we were able to find the specific cause of "doesn't work", and the current Potential Trades tool should now be more reliable. (The first person to correctly guess what was causing "doesn't work" gets a small prize.)

New profile page design.

We couldn't wait until the big redesign was finished - we had to do something about the hideous profile pages. You'll find they've been redesigned and look a whole lot better now.

New spokespeople.

Swapfig isn't heavily populated with adverts, and we encourage everyone to whitelist Swapfig - or make a donation. However, for those who choose to have ads blocked: you'll be introduced to some new characters. Enjoy!

Sitewide announcements.

In an effort to keep people informed about immediate changes, site features and various announcements, we've also added an announcement bar that appears at the top of the screen. This should be useful for Swapfig users who don't follow us on social media or read our content. We promise not to abuse this feature, and we'll only use it when absolutely necessary. The good news is that each message should remain hidden once they have been closed.

Revised Messages page.

The last major recent change was to the Messages page. You shouldn't notice any major differences in how the page functions, but a lot of changes were made behind the scenes. Probably the biggest difference was fixing an issue where messages from users who have since left Swapfig couldn't be read.

Our priorities.

We're looking to make a serious catchup in terms of adding items to the site, but from here on in we're giving the highest priority to the big site redesign. Our aim is to have Swapfig completely redesigned in time for its fourth birthday, with the intention of attracting a new audience.

Although we've gotten by without having any, another priority is finally building a guide to using Swapfig.

Above all else...

We haven't forgotten that it's that special time of year once again, and we'd like to take the time to show our appreciation for all Swapfig users. The site wouldn't have gone strong for three and a half years without you, whether you're old or new.

If you're feeling generous - and you want to - please consider making a small donation as a Christmas gift. You can also help by spreading the word about Swapfig, or just with a few words of encouragement. We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has already done so.

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.