Swapfig News: The New Approach to Suggestions.

The New Approach to Suggestions.

Our Suggestions feature, introduced a few months ago, is an opportunity for Swapfig users to let us know what improvements they'd like to see to the site.

We've had some great suggestions as a result, and one of them was popular enough for it to be implemented as promised. However, it's suffered from the same problem as LEGO Ideas: not enough people were voting for those great ideas.

So our weekend has been spent completely revising the Suggestions feature, and we're hoping that the changes made will enable more great ideas to get the support they deserve.

What's changed?

The most important changes we've made to Suggestions are:

  • no more Donors-only or donations-only suggestions;
  • 60 days (instead of 30) for suggestions to gain the minimum number of votes;
  • if the suggestion is good enough, it will be immediately accepted without having to gain votes.

You can find all the guidelines and rules for suggestions on the Suggestions page.

Our call for new suggestions.

We want you to have a say in Swapfig's future, so why not make a suggestion today? Because of our new approach, we will reconsider suggestions you've previously submitted but didn't get the required number of votes.