Swapfig News: Issues Putting The Big Redesign On Hold.

Issues Putting The Big Redesign On Hold.

As you might be aware, behind the scenes at Swapfig we've been focusing on what we call The Big Redesign: redesigning and redeveloping the site for a new audience. Of course, we've had to balance this new endeavour with maintaining the current site.

One major issue we've tried to deal with for some time is the handling of issues, which right now is messy.

Understandably most of the issues are to do with trades, but we've had people misusing the feature, and going through various other channels, to report issues with trades. While this is incredibly annoying, it highlights the need for improvement on our end.

Although we were aiming for a fourth birthday release of Swapfig 2.0, we are considerably behind schedule. Therefore we made an executive decision last night, which was to put The Big Redesign on hold, while we work on improving the handling of issues. There's going to be a new solution, which would have been part of the new site, to help users more easily manage problems.

We're not going to say anything more for the time being, but we expect to have this functionality ready within a couple of weeks.

(P.S. The smart ones among you will have noted this post title's double entendre.)