Swapfig News: A New Item Type: Trading Cards.

A New Item Type: Trading Cards.

As you might have heard, Sainsbury's has launched an exclusive *Create The World* theme, incorporating a LEGO set and a series of trading cards.

There are 140 to collect, and though there's been no information about the distribution of cards, some are evidently easier to get hold of than others. They are mostly available with a minimum spend of GBP 5 in "local" stores or GBP 10 in superstores, but booster packs can be purchased. There's also an album to put these cards in, currently selling for GBP 2.

LEGO trading cards aren't a new concept, but this particular theme gave us the idea of adding them to **Swapfig**. Therefore, we've made a few adjustments and added *trading cards* as a new item type.

Hopefully this will help anyone interested in having a complete collection. Trading cards currently have the same quota as minifigures, minidolls and keychains.