Swapfig News: Recent site updates.

Recent site updates.

It's been a while since our last news post, but here's some info about a few improvements made over the last few weeks.

Improved item upload/download.

In preparation for introducing contributors to Swapfig, some improvements have been made to the behind the scenes item import feature. Updating and adding items on Swapfig is no mean feat, as there's a lot of things to take into consideration. In the near future we'll look at doing a video to demonstrate just how complicated the process is, even with the best tools. As promised over social media, the next few days will be spent updating minifigures from certain existing themes, as well as keychains and polybags.

Ability to respond to news comments.

When mentioning other users in comments on news posts, they'll receive an email notification. Users can be mentioned by their username in the same fashion as Twitter (i.e. preceded with an "@" symbol), and we've added some reply buttons to make things easier. In the interest of our users' well being, we have this feature disabled by default. Look for it under the Social tab when editing your profile.

Emails in your junk mail folder...

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, a small handful of people have decided to report Swapfig's emails as spam. This now means that emails coming from Swapfig are more likely to end up in your junk mail folder. We would prefer those people - and anyone else who thinks our emails are junk - to delete their Swapfig account altogether. We don't and won't intentionally send any unnecessary emails, nor will be pass on your email address to third parties. (We don't like spam either.)

Updated notifications.

When you're logged in to Swapfig, you'll probably notice some icons with numbers at the very top of the page. These are notifications, similar to what you'd find on social media. We've added a couple more notifications: one for how many trades you've yet to mark as sent, and the other for trades yet to be marked complete. Both relate to your part of the trade.

Your suggestions please!

If you have any suggestions for how we can improve Swapfig - provided you're not a troll! - you're welcome to use our Suggestions page. We've received a few very good ideas already, but keep them coming.