Swapfig News: The Great Ninjago Movie Debacle.

The Great Ninjago Movie Debacle.

So earlier this week we were pleased to announce the addition of *The Ninjago Movie* Collectible Minifigures to **Swapfig**, as they've now started to appear in the shops ahead of the official movie.

Unfortunately we ran into a significant problem. Many of you will have noticed - and *we've even mentioned as such over social media* - that the pictures don't match the names. (Of course, this didn't stop the complaints coming in about the pictures not matching the names.)

The default reasoning is to blame **Swapfig**, **Swapfig** ruins everything. Even we thought there was something wrong with our recently updated importing process. But it turns out that **the pictures were mixed up on Brick Owl to begin with!**

Here we have an interesting problem: is it the *pictures* or the *names* that are incorrect?

If the *pictures* are incorrect, it would be a simple case of re-uploading the official images. If the *names* are incorrect, it's even simpler: just switch the names over.

Unfortunately we can't make a decision on either right now. Not only have people already added *Ninjago Movie* figures to their inventories, but it's ultimately up to Brick Owl to correct the information. We have no way of telling if Brick Owl sellers with these figures had them listed via their name or the associated photo.

As soon as this situation has been rectified on Brick Owl, we can look at correcting things on **Swapfig**.