Swapfig News: Downtime Funk.

Downtime Funk.

You might have noticed that things have been extremely quiet on our end, and that Swapfig has been down for maintenance a lot recently. At one point last week, the site was down for almost an entire day. (Contrary to recent rumours on Twitter, Swapfig is not always offline - although we'd checked just in case!)

We've been rebuilding our back office, both in terms of code and design. There were changes made to the code that affected the front of house too, and we had to be careful to keep track of the issues.

In any case, the process too much longer than expected. We had hoped the site would only be down for a couple of hours at the most, but there were several issues with our deployment process.

Swapfig was meant to have been downgraded to a hobby site, but this recent work has become a full-time job!