Swapfig News: Register for the Secret Santa Swap 2017!

Register for the Secret Santa Swap 2017!

At the tail end of last week, **Swapfig** opened up the registration for this year's Secret Santa Swap. We had only officially announced it over social media, but you can also find a link to it in the site's navigation.

Last year's trial run of the Secret Santa Swap went very well, with almost near perfect completion. We're hoping to go one better this time, and to have *everybody* that takes part receive a gift they're happy with. To ensure this happens, we've established some basic rules of this special trade.

The updated rules.

  • **The deadline for registration is midnight on the 26th November, with no exceptions.**
  • Everybody who takes part is required to send their recipient a gift worth at least GBP 6.00, or their country's equivalent.
  • The Secret Santa Swap officially ends after the sooner of:
    • when everybody has recorded receiving a gift or not via the Trade Manager, or
    • 60 days after users are allocated recipients.
  • Anyone found to have abused the Secret Santa Swap will be *immediately* banned. Our definition of abuse includes the following:
    • not sending your recipient a gift;
    • sending your recipient a poor value gift (e.g. a box of tyres or damaged parts);
    • sending your recipient a gift they are unhappy with and is lower than GBP 6.00 in value;
    • not completing your part of the Secret Santa Swap via the Trade Manager.

We hope you decide to take part in the Secret Santa Swap!