Swapfig News: Happy New Year! and Swapfig at a Crossroads.

Happy New Year! and Swapfig at a Crossroads.

**2018 is finally here!** The very first thing we'd like to do here at **Swapfig** is wish everybody a Happy New Year, especially if your 2017 was rough like ours. May the next 365 or so days bring prosperity, good fortune and a bunch of successful trades.

At a crossroads...

As you're probably aware, we've been working behind the scenes on redesigning **Swapfig** for a wider audience. Most of the work done to date has been on the back office, in preparation for our new Contributors.

Here's the thing. While we could focus entirely on reskinning the current site, there are a number of improvements we would like to make to the underlying code. Those improvements would require us to make significant changes for the future, most notably to our web hosting solution.

We're not sure which approach to take, and we haven't been sure for the last few months. But we are aware that something has to be done, especially as **Swapfig** is approaching its fifth birthday.

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