Swapfig News: Traders: The Good and The Bad.

Traders: The Good and The Bad.

Once again it's been a while since there's been a news update over here on **Swapfig**. One thing that hasn't changed is that we're working hard - sometimes *overtime* - behind the scenes, not only to fix things but also to make small improvements.

Bad Traders

Here at **Swapfig**, we want to do as much as possible to avoid users coming into contact with **Bad Traders**: our name for those out to scam and defraud other people to get what they want. This is why we have House Rules, which Bad Traders have complete disregard for.

In response to the discovery of one such Bad Trader, we were compelled to make some important recent updates:

  • The addition of a Feedback page, where you can monitor and respond to the feedback you've received that affects the scores shown on your profile.
  • The ability to add tracking information, and upload proof of postage, to open trades via the Trade Manager.
  • If a user is banned for whatever reason, all the open trades they're involved in will be cancelled and the respective users emailed.

Despite our best efforts, it's virtually impossible to stop the most determined of Bad Traders feeling entitled to use **Swapfig**. But we *can* show them the door once they've been discovered.

Once again, we therefore ask **Swapfig** users to be vigilant, and use common sense when dealing with others.

  • It's tempting to accept the first offer that comes your way, but if the offer looks too good to be true then it usually is.
  • Examine the user's profile, especially their feedback and site activity. Have *they* read the House Rules?
  • We highly recommend obtaining proof of postage when sending trade halves to others. Make sure you have it available in case something happens.
  • If you haven't traded with someone before, we recommend using tracked postage.
  • Don't ignore the trade once you've gotten your items; make sure you mark the other person's side as **complete** and leave feedback.

Resolving issues.

Despite pledging to resolve issues as quickly as possible, some of you have been let down by our inability to respond in a timely manner - and we can only apologise. In some cases the problem was too tricky to resolve immediately: we can only go on the information we have.

As a reminder to **Swapfig** users: we highly recommend attempting to resolve issues you have with other users through communication. Once an issue has been elevated, it's up to the moderators to decide how to handle the situation.

Unfortunately we can't do anything about trades gone wrong, or items lost in the mail - which is why it's important to be discerning about whom users trade with.

Inactive Users.

You might have noticed a shift in the number of active versus inactive users on **Swapfig** recently.

Starting from Monday this week, active users are determined by their last *active* date (i.e. when they last visited a page on **Swapfig**), rather than their last *login* date. We realised that some people haven't manually logged in for a long time, yet they were actually active on the site.

To begin with, many of **Swapfig's** users will show up as being inactive. A better representation of how many active users there are will appear over time, as users who actually visit the site will be noticed.

5,000 completed trades!

Ahead of **Swapfig's** fifth birthday on May 1, we're proud to have realised our milestone of over **5,000** completed trades. As you can imagine, we're incredibly proud of this milestone - especially considering the challenges we've faced since our humble beginnings.

We would like to thank all our past and present users for helping us reach this goal, the users who've remained faithful and the users who've stuck with us.