Swapfig News: Introducing Swapfig's own Message Board...

Introducing Swapfig's own Message Board...

A while ago we posted about our thoughts about having our own forum, or message board. One of the biggest problems **Swapfig** has had is with keeping people active in the site, particularly as hardly anyone spreads the word.

Though we considered the pros and cons of having a message board, we eventually decided to give it a shot.

The Swapfig Forum.

Head on over to swapfig.com/forum, where you'll find our new message board.

The solution we've used for the message board (or forum) is very basic. We haven't done much to it , apart from match the design of the message board to the rest of the site. In an ideal world the message board would be hosted separately from the site, so that it's unaffected when we go into maintenance mode.

The forum should be visible to everybody, and **Swapfig** users - provided they haven't been *trolling* - should be able to create and respond to threads. Please let us know if you have any issues accessing the message board.

On a trial basis.

We haven't spent much time adding bells and whistles, because the message board is here on a *trial basis*. We want to see if the often used mantra of

If you [do what I want], you'll get more visitors

would be true just this once.

If enough people get involved with the message board, it would be a great place to converse with other **Swapfig** users, whether they're actively trading or not. We're even excited about the possibility of taking it further, with things such as Q&As, competitions and the like.

But as it's a message board, with all the pitfalls associated with message boards, we *will* be keeping a close eye on things.